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Our Approach

You only get one body, enjoy it.

At Abbott Health and Wellness, we work as a team with our patients to achieve optimal health and well-being for the individual. This means we must get to know our patients and all of the aspects of their life that are contributing to how they feel and their health. This includes Lifestyle (Family, Upbringing, Work, Stress, Nutrition, Sleep Habits) Mental Health, Genetics, Biochemical and Hormone factors. This allows us to best treat every patient uniquely based on their needs.

We look for root causes of symptoms and diseases and how to fix those, not just to manage symptoms and diseases with medications. We believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself and promote its own health, IF CARED FOR PROPERLY. We help you figure out what that care is.


Fresh Produce

Functional Medicine

Address' the root causes of disease and illness and learn how to promote optimal wellness.

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Medical Weight Loss

Proactive management of weight loss

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Ketamine Therapy

Treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more

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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Natural hormone replacement therapy. Tailored to your needs.

Set vitamin iv fluid intravenous drop saline drip hospital room Medical Concept treatment

Vitamin Therapy

Customized intravenous (IV) drips that maximize health, performance, and wellness.

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Full Service Medical Spa

At Abbott Health and Wellness looking your best is just as important as feeling your best. We provide a variety of medical aesthetic services to help you feel more confident. We make it simple to discover what treatment types would be best to enhance your natural beauty.


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