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Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is a synthetic drug that has been used for sedation for over fifty years. Dr. Abbott has used ketamine for procedural sedation in children and adults in the emergency room for fifteen years. In 2019, Dr. Abbott started using it in much lower doses for its other properties, a disassociative medication that brings the frontal cortex back online and quiets the amygdala of our brains. The Amygdala is the part of our brain that creates worry and negative emotions. It is currently thought this is where anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, and other negative emotional experiences/thoughts come from. Dr. Abbott has found that doing a series of ketamine treatments effectively improves mental health symptoms in almost all who do it.

Treatments consist of a two-hour appointment with monitoring of vital signs and an initial intramuscular injection of the medication. Patients must have a driver to take them home after treatment. The treatment series is twice per week for four weeks and once per week for four more weeks after that. We have done well over five hundred treatments in the office and have had excellent results.

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