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Vitamin IV Therapy

Unfortunately, when you look at any food label, you will see about a fourth of the days calories in a serving, and less than two percent of any vitamins or minerals. Welcome to the current food chain. If you are not taking and supplementing your diet in essential vitamins and minerals, you are likely deficient and your body is not working as well as it could. One of the biggest problems with taking oral vitamins and minerals is that their absorption can be partial at best. This is because most of our GI systems in America are dysfunctional due to our food and lifestyle. Preservatives, colorings, and modified food sources all contribute to disease and bad GI systems. The best way to bypass this is to put them right into your veins and bypass the GI system. We have many different ingredients based on needs ranging from B vitamins to Magnesium, Vitamin C, antioxidants like Glutathione that help hair growth, Zinc, selenium, and a new ingredient specifically targeted to try and get taste and smell back on line post Covid-19.

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Get Started Today

​Requires a 20-minute consultation with a provider or nurse injector, which includes a physical assessment and health history to ensure safe prescribing and administration

If you are a current patient here at Abbott Health & Wellness and are interested in IV Therapy contact one of our team members to inquire and schedule an IV Infusion or Nutrient Injection.


Please contact our front desk at (435)529.3333


IV therapy treatments vary considerably in pricing. The cost of your treatment will depend on what nutrients are put in your personalized formula. To give you an idea of what to expect, see below for estimated price ranges of single treatments.


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