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Excess weight can be one of the most frustrating and self esteem killing things a lot of us have to deal with in life. It has severe consequences on self image and our body systems. This is very close to home for Dr Abbott, who although still overweight, decided to have a life changing surgery five years ago and has witnessed how losing eighty pounds has changed his life and health and wants to help everyone in their own weight loss journey. He has studied this subject exhaustively and has come to understand it is far more complicated than what he and other physicians have told patients for years “eat less, exercise more”. There are hormone factors, genetics, lifestyle factors, social nutrition issues among many other things that lead us to where we get. He often uses a medication in addition to addressing nutrition, hormones, sleep and other metabolic conditions that may be un addressed to help patients get results. He has helped patients lose hundreds of pounds and change their lives.

Patient on Scale
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